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Hale Heel Co's Made in America No-Noise Heel Taps for Shoes, Heel Taps for Boots, and Heel Taps for Sneakers.

A Note to Our Long Time Hale Heel Customers Please Note our Sizes:

Our Original Sizes were as follows: High Heel, Women's, Men's, and X-Large

Our Sizes are as follows:

High Heel taps are still called High Heel taps Medium heel taps are 1.0 inches in size and used to be called Women's Large heel taps are 1.5 inches in size and used to called Men's X-Large heel taps are 2.0 inches in size and is Still X-Large

Our No-Noise heel taps are designed to save your favorite shoes! Our quiet heel taps can be put anywhere you need them. Simply attach the heel taps with our supplied nails or use our professional Cobbler's Glue.