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Shoe Saver 70 pair Heel Taps Special with Cobbler's Glue!
60 pairs of black Heel Taps and 10 pairs of clear heel taps, nails are included, plus two 3/4 oz tubes Barge Cobbler's Glue!
Regular price: $41.75
Sale price: $29.95
50 Pair Heel Taps Special $22.00
Regular price: $29.95
Sale price: $22.00
Welcome to Hale Heel Co we make heel taps for shoes and More! Where there are savings in saving your FAVORITE Shoes..

Hale Heel no-noise heel taps for shoes, boots, or sneakers come in four sizes. Heel taps can be used as either heel taps for shoes or toe taps for shoes. Our heel taps are great for dress shoes too.

Our sizes: High Heel heel taps, Medium heel taps are 1 inch across, Large heel taps are 1.5 inches across, our X-Large heel taps are 2 inches across.

Our commitment is to keeping the costs of our heel taps as low possible.

Our No-Noise Heel Taps and No-Noise Toe Taps are made with our special polyurethane rubber formula. Rubber heel taps are what some people call heel taps that are non-metal taps. Because they are rubber heel taps they make no noise. Our No-Noise Heel Taps last longer because of our polyurethane special blend. All of are heel tap packages come with the nails.